Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Life is short. Jump in the lake.

I hesitated, looking at the lake.  Snow had just come off the trail a few weeks earlier.  The day before, at a different mountain lake, we could only bear to put our feet in for a few moments.

It was hot, though, and despite other people on the trail, I had snagged the prime shoreline spot, on an outcropping of rocks in the sun.  I had never been to this lake before, and it was warm out. 

I waded in.  It was cold.  It didn't matter, really, what I did.  But sometimes in life I tend to hesitate, trying to decide, instead of taking the leap.  Sometimes I did take the leap, and it was a mistake.

Oh well, I thought.  I half-jumped, half sat in the water.  It took my breath away, but I floated on my back for awhile.  Then I climbed out and lay on the rocks like a lizard, soaking up the sun.  I read a book until some horse riders showed up, looking disappointed that someone was in the best spot.  Then I packed up and hiked back out.

It wasn't a life changing decision, jumping in.  But it will be a perfect memory: floating in a cold mountain lake at summer's beginning.


  1. I tend to hesitate at decisions and sometimes lose those perfect ‘memories’ like you created at the lake! Good reminder that sometimes I just need to jump right in!!!

  2. Might be a good title for your TED talk!

  3. How could you NOT jump in? I remember laying on top of huge boulders at Pinecrest Lake in northern California after swimming as a kid - there's something so relaxing about drying off on a hot rock, isn't there?

  4. What a beautiful setting and perfect day! I'm sure you're glad you "took the dive." (okay maybe not a dive but I couldn't resist the pun) :)

    1. I wasn't brave enough for the dive but I made it in!

  5. Ahh,summer! Glad you took the "plunge." Beautiful photo of the lake and the girl at the lake.


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