Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Trainer Tuesday: Try a circuit workout!

As a helicopter fire crew we are attached to a big metal anchor for most of the season. This is great, because it beats walking, but it has its drawbacks.  For one, working out.  It's hard to go for a long run or hike when you might have to jump in the helicopter and be airborne within five minutes.  Hence the circuit!

You don't need any weights or props unless you want them.  A circuit can be done in a small space, and can be done for as long as you want. It will keep your heart rate up and challenge your body in new ways.

A rappel spotter introduced me to a circuit called "Billy Big Arms." Who is this mysterious Billy with the huge biceps? Nobody knows, but his legacy lives on in this workout. 

Start with a light warmup and dynamic stretches for about 10 minutes.  A 2 minute run, jumping jacks, jump rope, or even marching in place will get your heart rate up.  Moving stretches like arm circles, walking lunges, and cat/cow will activate your muscles.

Have several stations you work through.  For example: 1. Crunches, 2. tricep dips, 3. pushups, 4. squats, 5. Lunges.  Set a timer and see how many reps you can do with good form for a specified amount of time, for example 45 seconds.  After 45 seconds, use a 15 second rest to move to the next station.  Run through the circuit twice, then do some cardio for 2 minutes: a run, jumping jacks, etc,  Return to the stations and run through them again twice.  Finish up with cardio and then cool down with some static stretches for about 10 minutes.

This circuit workout will take you about 45-50 minutes.  You can expand it or make it shorter, by eliminating some of the circuits.

If you have any questions, my email is now in my profile.  And if you see the legendary Billy, send him my way!
Well, what else are you going to do? It's going to be gone for 2 hours! Do a circuit!


  1. Billy Big Arms made me giggle. I like how you've come up with such a creative idea to work out and move without going anywhere!

    1. I know,funny name! I wish I knew how it came about but nobody knows!

  2. Awesome post! You took away a huge ‘excuse’ ...effectively eliminating it as valid! That is awesome! I may have to work up a circuit of my own!!!

    1. Circuits are fun and they go by pretty fast!


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