Sunday, August 5, 2018

psychic connection

"Be careful of bees today," I told Cindy as our squads parted for the fourteen hour shift.  "I dreamed you got stung by some."

"Whatever," she shrugged, grabbing her pack.  It was early, and we had been working this fire for a long time.  Every day we would dig line, and every day it would blow out.  We would fall back to the next ridge, and do it again.

The night before, I had a fireline dream.  In it, Sean was chosen to run a saw.  This wasn't always his job on the crew; we had three primary sawyers, and he wasn't one of them.  If we needed a fourth saw, there were several guys who could be picked to operate it.  Sean was one of them.  Our sawyers always picked their own swampers, rotating through crewmembers.  This person followed the sawyer all day, clearing the brush the chainsaw cut, and carrying the sawyer's gas and oil. In my dream, Sean chose Cindy to be his swamper.  She turned over a log, and bees swarmed out, stinging her. 

Cindy appeared at the crew buggies at the end of the shift, a glare on her face.  "Don't ever dream about me again!" she ordered.  "Sean ran a saw today and I was his swamper.  I turned over a log and there were a bunch of bees there.  I got stung a bunch of times!"

Coincidence? Or something more?

Recently, a young woman who lived near me went missing in our town, along with her vehicle.  There was a lot of speculation.  Did she run off, or was she taken by someone? "She's in the water," I said to my coworker.  "No, she went off the road somewhere," he said.  This was a far more likely scenario.  There are lakes and rivers around here, but it would take some effort to drive into them.  It was more probable that she had driven off one of our many mountain roads.

The next day, her car, with her inside it, was found mostly submerged in a murky pond.  Coincidence? (RIP Alex).

Everyone is probably a little bit psychic.  I've had other experiences I can't explain, other dreams that have come true, things that I just "know."  I'm sure this isn't too uncommon, but I'm interested: what about you? Have you ever had a psychic experience?
I don't have a picture of me being psychic, so here's a mountain goat.


  1. Very interesting!!!! I have never had any personal experience but I’m quite interested in it and always read/watch videos and whatnot about this subject!

  2. Yes, I have. Some years ago, my husband drove to Grand Rapids to shop for fishing equipment, and I had a premonition that he shouldn't go. Mid-morning, our home phone rang. As I went down the hall to answer it, I thought: "This call will turn our lives upside down." The caller was from an emergency room nurse, telling me to get to GR right away. She wouldn't say more except that my husband had a broken arm. It was much more serious; he had collided with large truck, had a torn aorta, etc. A long recovery but today is doing well. I often think of someone, and then they will call within a day or two. I pay attention to dreams and "premonitions." There's a lot we don't know about the brain and the universe.

    1. I never heard this story. You and H are clearly connected on a lot of levels.

  3. I have enough coincidences happen that I can say yes, but I don't consider it to be psychic...however, it happens too often to not be SOMETHING.

  4. It happened again. I've been thinking a lot about 2 people I had not heard from in quite awhile. Today I got a note from one and a phone call from the other one.

  5. These sort of phenomenon happen to me on a regular and reoccurring basis. I've wondered many times what was up with it but its to the point now that I really tune in if I'm twitching about something. Interesting for sure. Blessing or curse?

  6. Also I like your goat.


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