Monday, January 7, 2019

Side Ways

I've heard that some TSA workers, forced to work without pay because of the government shutdown, are calling in sick so they can take other jobs.  I really don't blame them.  They will get paid eventually, but they need money now. As a "non-essential" employee, I'm not working, and there's no guarantee I will be paid.  Luckily I have savings, but I know many people who don't and will soon be struggling to make ends meet.

Anyway, this post is about my "side business." I don't make much money off it, because I'm reluctant to be pushy, and I don't plan a lot of posts about it.  I think we have all read those blogs that used to be enjoyable and then became full of awkward sponsored posts and hard sells.  Social media is full of people trying to get others to join their MLM businesses or buy leggings, skin care, weight loss drinks, etc.  So I'll keep it brief and feel free to click on by.  New posts about winter adventures, fire memories, and various complaints will be up soon.

The company I'm a rep for is called 1st Phorm.  They make a variety of health and wellness supplements, protein powders, and products that aid in fat loss, muscle building, and heart health. They also put on transformation challenges several times a year.  It's free to enter, and the winners, who are ordinary folks who decided to make a change, get $50,000 or more.

The products I like the most are the energy bars, protein powders, the daily nutrient/vitamin pack,  a greens powder, and a supplement called Joint Mobility which relieves joint pain and contributes to bone, tendon and ligament health.

Best of all, 1st Phorm really wants to help people reach their goals. They are the first to say that supplements aren't for everyone.  They won't take the place of a good diet or exercise program.  They are for the gaps that exist in most people's diets.

If you're interested, my link is  I receive a small commission if enough purchases are made through this link.

If you have any questions, let me know! And thanks for reading.


  1. Good luck on your side business! Are you doing any personal training also????

    1. Thanks! There is a new 8 week $50k challenge if you're interested. You just need to log into your profile & update it & take pics. I've only done personal training for free so far. It's too hard with my job especially in summer. But who knows, if this furlough continues...


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