Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Weather or not

The little girl ran out of the gym as I was walking in. "Rain! Rain!" she yelled excitedly to her mother.  "I love the rain!"

I stopped to watch her.  This was the same rain that had foiled my hiking plans, the same rain that I was hurrying to get out of, yet she was running out into it.

All kids whine about the weather at times, but most of them will play outside in all conditions regardless.  As adults, we complain about it, change plans, stay inside.  Sometimes this is prudent, but often it just takes effort and acceptance, and the day becomes an adventure.

I hope that little girl never loses her love of the rain, and still runs out toward it while other people are rushing inside.
Photographer: Noelle Oliver


  1. Never give up splashing in puddles!

  2. I loved the rain as a kid, but that was growing up in eastern WA where it rains with less frequency and is big droplets and goes away (fairly) quickly. Western WA has certainly caused rain to lose it's luster for me.


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