Thursday, May 16, 2019

"You'll be safe with me"

For the first time since my helicopter accident in 2003, I was feeling nervous as I put my helmet on and got ready to get in.  Two recent fatal accidents doing the same mission we were about to do had me feeling a little rattled.  The flight profile was just above the treetops, without room to recover if something went wrong.  Still, feeling like this was unlike me, and I pondered it while the pilot approached.

I've known him since 2006, and he is one of the calmest, nicest, and competent people I know.  Everyone likes him.  Instead of staying quiet like I normally would, I admitted that I was feeling kind of nervous following the most recent accident.

The pilot looked at me.  "You'll be safe with me," he said matter-of-factly.

In the three days since that day, I've been thinking about the people who make me feel safe.  There's a couple of them I would follow blindly into any fire, knowing I would always come out unscathed, no matter what happened.  There's a few people who I would trust to drive me through a blizzard or tornado, and just one or two I whom I could tell anything without judgement.  People like these are like islands in an ocean of those who hurt us, leave us, or are just indifferent.  People like these are a blessing.  Are you one of them?

"You'll be safe with me," he said.

And I was.


  1. This is really thought-provoking, and scary (your mention of two fatal accidents doing the same mission). Safe...let's see...the universe is fairly small...members of my family, some neighbors, a very few close friends. Your assessment of the pilot is good...and that you, remembering the earlier crash, felt empowered to speak up.

    1. I know I can always speak up. Luckily the culture has changed. But it made me think about the people who make us feel safe just by being there.

  2. Very interesting!!! There are very few people I feel complete safe with....I try to be that kind of person though that makes everyone else feel safe!


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