Saturday, October 26, 2019

Larch Madness

You might be forgiven for not noticing them most of the year.  In the summer they blend in with the other evergreens, contributing to the sweep of green on a mountainside.

Just wait till fall.  The larch is an evergreen tree that loses its needles for the winter.  But before that, they turn golden.

My employee and I drive out to clear a non-ambulatory hunter road.  Knowing the larch will be spectacular, I make him stop at strategic points where I can attempt to capture the blazing hillsides.

Some of us think the larch are more spectacular this year than usual.  Is that possible? We aren't sure, but it seems that way.

We might not have the fall colors of the Midwest where I grew up, and the needles are already beginning to fall.  In my yard they are everywhere: on the porch, in the hot tub, in my house.  But there is usually a price to pay for beauty, and I'll gladly pay it, to see the mountains full of golden fire.


  1. I love larches! We have some on the east side of Mt Hood, but nothing like you have in Montana. I need to plan a visit to my son next October so I can see them.

    1. You should! They make all the hikes even more amazing.

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  3. Love your larches...thanks for sharing them. There is something magical about color in the mountains. I remember them, and the lodgepoles, on the ridges around Hungry Horse Reservoir....a great memory in one earlier late October.


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