Monday, September 21, 2020

A wolf that's coming for us all

 The above quote is from a friend. He is describing Covid-19. While I really hope it isn't true, it's hard to keep the faith. 

There are more and more cases in my town and state every day. The main office is partially closed due to some positive employee cases. People I have interacted with have come into contact with Covid positive individuals. There is also a large number of anti-mask, conspiracy theory believing, pandemic deniers who live in this valley. One of them cruised by my employee in the grocery store, maskless, coughing derisively as he passed people wearing face coverings.

Friends ask me to hike, and I make up excuses (usually "I have to work," which is true). The real reason I avoid them is because I see their pictures on social media, hiking with groups, hugging people, and going to bars and restaurants. There are basically two people I trust to hike with these days; still, we are careful in our interactions.

If I get sick, my whole fire crew is quarantined. This includes the pilot, who won't be able to fly, go home, or basically do anything for 14 days. We can't respond to fires; there is nobody to fill in behind us. But there is only so much we can do. We have to trust each other: our lives are in each other's hands. We do our best.

I take solace in just a few people. I stay home more, or in the woods. I haven't had a haircut since January or set foot in a restaurant. I don't miss these things, but I do miss my friends. I miss travel; maybe I even miss the possibility of travel more.

Stay strong, friends. Be safe.

Simpler days, hiking in Patagonia


  1. I am right with you on this. So many people either aren't taking Covid-19 seriously, or worse, in their view they're taking enough precautions...but that means they can go eat indoor at restaurants, or have playdates for their children, etc - but hey, they wear a mask when they go outside so everything is ok, right? Sigh. There are very few people we trust to be doing the right thing, so unfortunately we are still very isolated, six months into this. Hang in there, Lynn.

  2. Since my son lives in MT, I keep an eye on the Covid numbers for his county and the two other counties that he has churches in. The numbers had been good for awhile, low enough that masks weren't required (but I wish he would wear one anyway) However one of the counties recorded 13 new cases the other day! I feel for you - it must be hard to deal with the clueless tourists and virus-deniers.

    1. Montana has a state wide mask order...I hope he is wearing one now.

  3. Ditto! We pretty much stay to ourselves because other people are not being safe! It takes so little to be safe and yet we have people that feel like they are immune and above it all!!!

    All we can do is continue to stay our distances and be as safe as possible! Good luck!!

  4. Thanks for staying strong, and staying safe, for yourself, your family and your crews. Cases are rising rapidly here, since Memorial Day, and still the deniers, the 'don't take my fredom" folks. We are learning which businesses flaunt Governor's orders...and not to shop there.


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